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Spring is in the air…. FINALLY! What it means for your Solar Panels.

Kiss those winter blues goodbye and say hello to sunshine and increased solar

panel production!

For a lot of homeowners, the first few weeks of nice weather means spring cleaning. People are gearing up for their outdoor projects: roof work, gutter cleanout, power washing, yard work. Those of you who already residential solar you might feel the urge to clean your panels this time of year, but don’t be that guy…you know the one up on the roof trying to be productive, ready to clean their system and ends up destroying his production. 😉 We promise the risk isn’t worth the reward, studies show that cleaning your solar panels only increases production by less than 1%.

Rain usually does enough to keep your solar panels clean and efficient. If you feel like your system needs a little more TLC there are some great companies who come out and do panel cleaning, a quick google search should bring up a few near you. If you’re the DIY type of homeowner, a quick rinse with the hose will remove any unwanted dust or pollen from your panels, no need to scrub your solar panels seasonally.

If you don’t have solar panels yet, spring also happens to be the BEST time to schedule your solar installation. Typically, an installation only takes one or two days, then you’re well on your way to a decreased summer electricity bill! Since spring means longer days, solar customers might even start banking energy, meaning they’re producing more energy than they use each month! We can already picture the list of other home improvements and upgrades you could put that savings towards.

Ok so you have solar panels or your installation is already scheduled. Spring is also a great time to check on overall energy efficiency at home. Pool filters, air conditioners, electric cars, all these things add on to your home’s energy consumption. We all know how those electric bills can rise in the summer months. If you’re a homeowner in New Jersey Scheduling your 6-month energy audit with Green State Energy for the spring will ensure you’re making the most of your energy consumption all summer long and is a great way to get an idea of what projects need to be done at your home! Maybe it's time for new doors and windows, or just time to change some air filters.

We recommend our New Jersey homeowners start their spring cleaning with an energy audit. Once you have your check list of upgrades to make and projects to prioritize, be sure to give Green State Energy a call. We can get you started on the road to clean energy today, we might even have a partner we can set you up with to complete some of those other projects!

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