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Going Green is part of our DNA at Green State Energy!

We can leave a legacy together.

What’s the best way to encourage your kids and family members about the benefits of “going green”? As any parent or educator knows, leading by example is truly the best way to teach anyone! Chris Fegan, one of the co-owners at Green State Energy, is living proof that what we set in motion in our families will stay in motion.

Chris’ grandfather, John C. Fegan (Papa) was the very first licensed water pollution control operator in New York State about 70 years ago. He was truly a pioneer, as this was long before New York finally passed landmark legislation to create the NY State Department of Environmental Conservation AND the first Earth Day on April 22, 1970. By the time the NY DEC opened the doors to their agency in July 1970, John already had years under his belt defending the water supply in his community from harmful pollutants.

John’s professional commitment to the environment carried over into his family life. His example taught Chris the value and importance of taking care of our environment and being a wise steward of our natural resources. He started in college, when Chris worked for an environmental company tasked with cleaning up the Meadowlands.

Now Chris, along with his co-owners and the whole team at Green State Energy, is proud to fulfill his grandfather’s legacy by providing the best solutions for solar energy throughout the US. Green State Energy’s mission is to be a resource and partner to homeowners just like you who are passionate about establishing a “go green” legacy in their family for generations to come.

The benefits of converting your home to solar energy are significant well beyond the financial perks. Yes, you could see an increase in your home’s value on an average of 4.1% compared to non-solar homes. Yes, you can receive federal, state, and local tax incentives and save up to 35-40% in your home energy costs. But better than all of these great things is this: you will be leading by example, just like Papa did for Chris, and teaching them that caring for the planet is a key value for your family.

We know you are committed to being a person who leads by example in showing love for our planet, for our kids, and for future generations. You can take action right now to make that even more of a reality. Simply contact us on our website or call 1-844-4BE-BRIGHT to schedule your free quote for solar panel installation for your home. We can’t wait to partner with you in our mission to create your family’s “go green” legacy for generations to come.

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