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Environmentalism is more prominent than ever before!

Environmentalism is more prominent than ever before and innovation within the energy industry in technology, accessibility, and storage brings forward possible solutions to the countless problems caused by pollution and

fracking. All this attention and call to action is making it easier for your average environmentally friendly citizen to join the green & Solar power movement and reduce their carbon footprint.

We have all started with basic changes at home to become more energy efficient, and therefor become more environmentally friendly. While you may not be on the front lines of the green and solar movement campaigning for policy change, you can start at your home and make a small, albeit meaningful impact. Changing your home to a smart home, buying energy efficient appliances, and even just adjusting your thermostat according to your climate zone and time of year are all ways your average homeowner can begin to reduce their carbon footprint. Going solar is another great way to make your home more energy efficient.

Going solar is a great way to positively impact the environment and there are also financial benefits that accompany those upgrades. We’re just saying, if saving the environment isn’t enough to convince you there are some financial incentives you can cash in on as well.

Did you know that your utility company will buy back from you all the extra energy you produced, but didn’t consume? They sell the excess clean energy you

produce to your neighborhood to meet their clean energy quotas. That isn’t even the most interesting part!

Studies from companies like Zillow have shown that a solar system will increase your homes value 4.1% (even higher in the Northeast). Knowing all of this compounded with the incentives the state and federal government are currently offering for homeowners to go solar, how could you not at least entertain the idea?

Now is the time to think about the planet and its future. Make those small adjustments in your home and communities today. Let Green State Energy be your guide to a greener home and a brighter future!

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