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Let’s Explore Solar Together.

Its easy with Green State Energy's five step process.


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Green State Energy will provide customers with necessary industry knowledge allowing for informed decisions about the process from start to finish. Our solar specialists will discuss your energy needs, answer any questions, and make you feel comfortable and prepared to make this change confidently. Additionally, Green State will calculate how much you will save by going solar. Federal and local solar tax incentives can help clients offset the cost resulting in $0 out of pocket to you.

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In order to provide the most cost-effective system, Green State experts will design a Solar system to best suit your needs. A team of certified solar technicians will confirm the measurements to maximize energy savings. A Project Manager assigned to you will handle all the permitting required by your city and local utility company as well as any solar tax credit and rebate paperwork. You can be sure of receiving all the financial support that is available.

Relax, Sit back, Green State will handle it all!


Your property will be assessed to determine any required adjustments to maximize the effectiveness of your system. Skilled technicians will take a closer look at your home’s roof and determine shading issues from nearby trees. Once this initial review is complete, any required adjustments will be completed in preparation for solar panel installation. Technicians then install the solar panels using brackets and connect the wiring to your homes' electrical system. Our installation crews have many years of experience ensuring that you have the best people on the job. Through constant communication, Green State will ensure that the install goes smoothly and timely.

Going Solar saves the planet while saving you money; and its easy!



We are nearing the end of our journey. Green State was by your side the entire time handling any obstacles along the way. Our team will coordinate the final inspection with the appropriate municipality and/or utility company. Then we make sure you’re connected to the grid. All that remains is to turn on your system so you can start receiving rewards. Save money on your energy bill and be a part of saving our planet.

Be Bright. Go Solar.


Just as our team was there for you throughout the initial process, Green State will always protect their clients after they are up and running. The Green State team believes firmly that clients are members of the Green State family. Just as our entire team is a family, so are you!! Our mission of client first and customer service drives us to strive to be better and you can be assured that Green State will be there for you whenever you need us.

Welcome to the Green State Energy family!

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